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How Much I Spent In a Month In India

India is known for being one of the most affordable destinations in the World. It provides unforgettable experiences and unusual attractions that suit every pocket. Nowadays, more and more travelers travel to India with a specific purpose and stay longer to attend yoga teacher courses, learn about Indian ancient medicine or stay in meditation centers to deepen mental practices. And, the same happened with me. It has been almost two months since I arrived to India!

how much i spent in a month in india

There are plenty of fears, which prevent us from traveling and definitely one of them is luck of money. When planning a holiday on your own in a new country, most of us wonder, do I have enough money? May I run out of money? How much does it cost?

I travel smart. I don’t spend money on things that I don’t need. I cut costs of transportation and accommodation, and when I actually can save on something, I do it!

how much i spent in a month in india

First of all, I have to admit that I am not the one, who notes all costs of bus tickets, accommodation, meals and small daily shopping. I am not going to present you my all exact expenses.

Instead of doing it, I earmark a fixed amount per day, trying to secure the budget. Of course, there are some costs on the way, which you cannot prevent, but you can learn, how to manage your budget on a daily basis.

how much i spent in a month in india

After some calculation, I prepared overall costs in a month in India including accommodation, transportation, food and attractions (I don’t include shopping and flights). So, I divided it into three groups (please keep in mind that this is based on estimated costs).


If you are on budget stay in dormitory in backpackers hostel and eat in local restaurants or cook on your own. To move around use buses and trains or hitchhiking (honestly, I have never tried hitchhiking in India, as transportation is very affordable). And don’t worry, you can travel India for $20 per day easily or even cheaper!


Mid-range travelers stay in private rooms and sometimes visit fancier restaurants in town. If you can arrange this amount of money per day, you will be able to travel faster in India by taking flights and private transport.


If you are looking for an amazing slice of luxury, India can definitely meet your expectations! From fancy restaurants with a variety of delicious cuisines, 5 star hotels to the 1st class trains!

Exchange rates:

Euro: €1 – ₹80

US dollar: $1 – ₹70

Australian dollar: $1 – ₹51

Polish zloty: 1zl – ₹18,5


how much i spent in a month in india

As I mentioned before, public transport in India is very affordable. Moreover, trains and buses reach almost every corner of the country, including the most dangerous routes! However, it is not always fast and comfortable.

The buses and trains are often late and an hour delay is pretty normal. There are 8 train classes start from the most expensive 1st class AC (1A) with locking doors and a meal; and end at the cheapest second seating – non-AC (reserved/unreserved) class full of people. I have experienced both 😉

how much i spent in a month in india

Buses in India are pretty popular among tourists and locals. If you are planning to take an overnight bus, remember book this one with good reviews to sleep safe and comfortable. I use Redbus and MakeMyTrip apps.


India offers a variety of options to suit every size of wallet. From dormitories ($3 – $5), private rooms ($10 – $30), double hotel rooms ($20 – $50) to luxury apartments ($100 – $500).


how much i spent in a month in india

Indian food is pretty famous for its flavor, unique taste and different regional cuisines. Meals in local restaurants start from $2 for thali (typical Indian meal made up with different type of dishes served with chapati and a rice, on one big metal platter), while in a fancy restaurant, you can be charged $20 – $50 for a meal. My favorite, masala chai costs $0,20 from a street vendor. And, drinks like lassi (fruit shake based on yogurt) cost $1-$2, ginger lemon honey tea $0,30.


how much i spent in a month in india

The most popular attractions in India are quite expensive comparing to the other costs. For example, to enter the Taj Mahal in Agra, you have to pay ₹1100 or Amber Fort in Jaipur – ₹550. Moreover, be aware that there are different fares for locals and foreigners (the tickets are 10-15 times higher) and separated box offices. Trekking with a guide can cost from ₹4000 to 100000 or even more. While yoga classes start from ₹200 per 1,5h.

how much i spent in a month in india

Here’s what I spent in a month in India:

Food: ₹22.000

Accommodation: ₹12.000

Transport: ₹10.000

Attractions: ₹2.500

Yoga classes: ₹2.000

Shopping: ₹5000 (few dresses, sim card, cosmetics)

This comes out to about 53,500 rupees per month which is 1,800 rupees per day = $26,22 per day.

I am not saying that you can’t live for cheaper, because you can! It just depends on many things and what kind of traveler you actually are. Also, it depends if you change cities very often or stay in one place for a while. Moving quite fast to different cities always increase expenses due to the transportation costs.


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