How To Visit Khajjiar, The Mini Switzerland Of India

It is surprising that very few people know about Khajjiar despite being such a beautiful place.

With its carpet greet meadow, deodar forest, and mooing fat cows it is called the ‘mini Switzerland of India’.

Khajjiar was once of more religious importance. Today, people flock to enjoy affordable adventure activities.

But to be honest, you will not find a lot of tourists. Maybe since it is one hell of a drive to reach here.

But with the snow-capped mountains on the horizon, it was worth it for us.

how to visit khajjiar, the mini switzerland of india

Where Is Khajjiar Located?

Khajjiar is located on the right west corner of Himachal Pradesh right next to the border of Jammu and Kashmir inside the district of Chamba. It is 597 km from Delhi, 324 km from Chandigarh, and 22 km from Dalhousie. Khajjiar is located 1,920m or 6,300ft above the sea level.

how to visit khajjiar, the mini switzerland of india

Best Time To Visit Khajjiar

Khajjiar is beautiful both during the summers and the winters. It would depend upon the visitor’s choice of weather and the activities they want to enjoy.

Winters (October – March): It can get seriously cold in winters in Khajjiar. The temperature often drops below the freezing point and snows frequently.

Summer (April – June): Although these are the warmest months in north India, weather in Khajjiar remains pleasant for most parts

Monsoon (July – September): Monsoons are gorgeous in the valley. The meadow smell of fresh earth and the surrounding forests are full of birds chirping throughout the day.

how to visit khajjiar, the mini switzerland of india

Things To Do In Khajjiar Town

Khajjiar in itself is only a small village. And most of the economic activity revolves around the great meadow. So you can spend a day in the area leisurely. Nevertheless, there are a lot of places near Khajjiar at a short drive’s distance that you can explore on your vacation.

1. Khajjiar Lake & Meadow

In the middle of the meadow is a small lake that people refer to as Khajjiar Lake. And to be honest, it is only just a pond in the non-monsoon months. So don’t expect a lot from it.

The meadow is usually filled with tourists. Many of them pack food and bring a picnic basket to enjoy a whole day out in the open. It is also a popular ground for adventure activities (read below). A few restaurants on the side serve fresh local food if you get hungry.

2. Lord Shiva Statue

While I will not give you a long list of temples to visit, I must say you should stop for a few minutes here. Just a few hundred meters from the meadow is a small temple with a huge statue of Shiva that pops out of nowhere.

One a clear day, the stone colored statue is a fine contrast to the bright blue sky. Even better I saw it from the sky (while paragliding) in the middle of thick pine forests. If you are not gliding in the sky, you can probably catch a view of people zooming past in the sky from here.

Things To Do Around Khajjiar


If you are not staying in Dalhousie already, consider taking a day to explore Dalhousie . It is a small colonial town near Khajjiar popular for its European style bungalows and lovely surrounding valleys. It is a perfect ‘hill station’ popular for honeymooners and for summer vacations for families.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

You will find Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary on your way from Khajjiar to Dalhousie. But if you decide to take a tour make sure you have a few hours at hand.

The Wildlife Sanctuary is notable for a 12-km long scenic trek with views of surrounding ranges at some points and dense jungles at others. The forest in the area is home to a few rare Himalayan birds and wild animals.

The sanctuary has a park with a lake in between with some fantastic sunset views. If you are willing to live in a deep dark forest, there is also a guest house where you can stay at night.

Dainkund Peak

To get the best possible views in the area it is best to climb the tallest peak. Daikund literally translates to ‘abode of the witches’. I suppose some scary stories have messed up the place.

Anyway, Dainkund offers a mind-blowing 360° view of the Dauladhar range. You will need to trek a couple of kilometers to reach the top of the mountain. It is fairly easy since there are concrete stairs along the way. I will warn you to keep warm clothes with you at all times. And a very good camera since the views from the top is unbelievable!

By The Stupid Bear

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